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The Well House, Derry Hill


Helping others

Over the years many of the small historic structures in the county have been lost, particularly where they are no longer required for their original use. The individuality of these structures creates or contributes to a local identity which is recognised and valued by the community.

From time to time the Trust receives request for help to save a particular structure or feature and although the Trust does not normally offer financial help it can offer advice. In helping others the Trust works closely with community groups, local authorities and other charities but is not able to offer assistance to private owners.



The timber frame granary at Yatesbury


Derry Hill / Granary Yatesbury

The Well House at Derry Hill, which provided a water supply to the nearby cottages, was rescued in 2003 by the Trust working with other interests including the Calne Without Parish Council.

The timber frame granary at Yatesbury is owned by the Will Woodlands charity. The structure has been repaired and the granary rethatched.

Very often limited action at the right time will almost always significantly prolong the life of such buildings so that they can be enjoyed for many years to come.


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