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Useful resources for those interested in the preservation of historic buildings.

  • Wiltshire Historic Buildings Trust - Review of Trust activity 1967-2007

    A booklet marking 40 years of the Trust's activities. Researched and written by Colin Johns, Architect to the Trust.
    download as pdf

  • The Building Conservation Directory

    Established in 1993 by conservation specialists to address the lack of information on suitable products and services, this 252-page A-Z on building preservation has grown to provide details of over 1,000 conservation organisations, companies and individual craftsmen.

    Available from the Building Conservation website - www.buildingconservation.com

  • Available from the Wiltshire Buildings Record:
    • Wiltshire Farmhouses and Cottages 1500-1850
    • Wiltshire Farm Buildings  1500-1900
    • Medieval Houses of Wiltshire
    • Wiltshire Town Houses  1500-1900
    • Architects and Building Craftsmen with work in Wiltshire


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